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Auntie Flo - Theory of Flo


A sensational album from the underground dance music scene in Glasgow - Theory of Flo has been recognised all the way up to a Scottish Album Of The Year shortlist nomination.

'One of the truly original production talents of recent times' -

Having bounced around our studio since its release we can truthfully say we absolutely love it.

You can buy the album digitally or as a beautiful, gatefold 12": here.

The live show is a spectacle to behold, which you can see here.

Track listing:

1. Su La feat. Anbuley & Shingai 06:14
2. Cape Malay Prayer 01:18
3. So In Love feat. Shingai 04:09
4. Dreamer 03:44
5. Waiting for A (Woman) feat. Anbuley 04:28
6. Dance Ritual I feat. Anbuley 01:56
7. Dance Ritual II feat. Anbuley 06:19
8. Hewal3 feat. Anbuley 01:57
9. Mandla In Space feat. Anbuley 04:19
10. For Mihaly 08:00