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Behind The Scenes - Caleb Bouchard, Axis Animation


We've had the pleasure of working with this talented Canadian on a number of projects with Axis Animation. Aside from being an excellent producer, director, animator and all round good guy, his playlists are epic. 

So we asked Caleb to join us in the studio for a coffee and chat about what makes him and Axis so good at what they do.

Caleb uses his alter ego, &/OR, to collaborate with musicians and DJs to create visual and auditory awesomeness that offers a glimpse into his particular style of humour and geekiness. He is our kind of guy, a gut feeling that is confirmed when we stumble upon his magnificent mixtapes 

As a music lover with eclectic tastes, Caleb not only understands the importance of music in the projects he works on but is brilliant at expressing this with everyone involved - the director, the animators and well, us! His kick ass communication skills were put to use while we worked on the recent Dawn Of War trailer.