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Behind The Scenes - UPS

sticky notes, sketch books and scribbles  

As the world’s largest courier company UPS hardly needs to remind customers of its brand. But after six years the old tagline “We Love Logistics” was put into retirement. It was time for a change, and the folks at Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide created a brand new campaign, coming to Rage to score their new vision for this client. 

“United Problem Solvers” focuses on what UPS helps customers all over the world to do – solve problems, big or small. The 60 second TV commercial showcases entrepreneurs, inventors, craftsmen, small businesses and large companies facing a variety of business challenges. In collaboration with the agency’s New York office we created an upbeat, inspiring track to tie in with the playful, conversational voiceover which invites people to bring UPS their problems.

With cinematic visuals and an unexpected and amusing voiceover, we wanted to keep it simple and sincere. The starting point for our composer Paul was motion; "the thought of a simple movement, which is the ostinato in the violin part. 

"The track starts with this simple piano motif, creating this feeling of movement and energy."

The violins come in playing an ostinato figure, as if the truck is about to move off, the packages being spread around the world. Gradually, more and more elements come in.  The string motif develops, passed from instrument to instrument around the orchestra. The chords evolve to a rousing build, depicting all the parts of UPS working together - spreading from this one individual package to all the parts of the journey around the world it goes on to reach its destination". 

A large string and woodwind ensemble joined us for the recording session, lending their talents to our track and putting the finishing touches to UPS' new anthem.