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Studio Sessions

Rachel Sermanni - Sights and Sounds


Rachel Sermanni has achieved a great deal of success with her music. Having released two acclaimed and diverse albums and five equally eclectic EPs, Rachel arrived at Rage HQ on a gorgeous sunny day: perhaps a poetic symmetry for one of Scotland’s brightest talents. 

Rocking up to the studio, carrying her guitar on her back, this soft-spoken songstress instantly had us all in her spell, chatting away animatedly in her sing-song voice. No fuss, no faff, no pretension, no preening, no rehearsed media-friendly statements, this girl is relaxed, real and refreshingly unguarded. 

No stranger to travelling for her art, Rachel has spent years touring the world, including America and Europe in the last twelve months alone. The latter of which courtesy of her trusty bright yellow van (lovingly nicknamed ‘Phoebe The Lemon’), playing scores of gigs and making numerous radio and interview appearances. She talks to us about what touring means to her in our first recording. 

Her most recent EP, Gently, recorded with long-time friend and collaborator, pianist Jennifer Austin, spawns the first track for our Studio Session. Enjoy the delicate, skilful musicianship and soaring vocal line within Gently III.

Given her body of work, it comes as no surprise that Rachel has been a prolific songwriter from the moment she picked up an instrument. Her most recent full-length release, Tied To The Moon, takes on a heavier, grungier sound in comparison to her previous work while maintaining a strong connection to her roots. Despite the shift in sound, her latest  continues to garner great critical acclaim;

“quietly proving herself to be one of Britain’s most promising folk artists” – Corrine Jones, The Guardian (2015)

Teetering on her tip toes, Rachel then treated us to a raw and romantic rendition of the final track from Tied To The Moon; the dark and brooding, ‘This Love.'