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Studio Sessions

Rachel Sermanni - Soundtracks and Cover


Tied To The Moon’s opening track Run, is the third of our recordings with Rachel and perfectly showcases a new sound from the petite performer. Even stripped back to just a guitar and her voice, the performance resonated through our studio, injecting its inherent drama into the recording.

Rachel is a storyteller; her songs draw you into her world, her voice beckons you out to play and wander amongst the magical moonlight with her. Sermanni speaks to your soul, your subconscious. Witchcraft or superb song craft? Perhaps a bit of both. You can’t help but be lifted by her music and her presence – she is captivating.

“One of the most accomplished storytellers to have emerged in recent years” – Rachael Bollan, The Line Of Best Fit

An artist’s cover song choice to bring our Studio Sessions to a close always interests us, and given the depth of Rachel’s talent and authorial ability, we couldn’t wait to see where she would choose to take us.

Johnny Cash was the answer. In contrast to Cash's characteristic gravelly voice, Rachel’s soft, inspired rendition of A Thing Called Love took our breath away, rounding off a stunning session and leaving us all a little in love.