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Rage Music composers - Aaron


One of the benefits of working across different time zones is that our composers continue to work on things while we're asleep in the UK.

Aaron, our San Francisco-turned-New York-turned-Los Angeles guy, lives it up in the sun; which explains his amazingly sunny disposition. Seriously, nothing is too much trouble for this particular guitar-star whose smile lights up the studio. His good mood can't help but rub off on those around him which makes him a favourite collaborator amongst the other Team Rage composers.

After performing his original songs at open mic nights across San Francisco from the tender age of 12, Aaron headed to New York where he would stay for the next 20 years (receiving a music degree in the process). Although he loved NYC, Aaron missed his west coast roots, so he packed his guitar and headed to La La Land, with his wife who he had met in the big apple. He now composes from our Santa Monica studio  which happens to be his favourite part of the city.

Captain Danger

In true hollywood style, Aaron is a "triple threat", as not only is he a talented composer, but also a producer, co-writer and highly sough after session musician.

His ear for a catchy hook and true flair for comedic songwriting has led Aaron to work with some interesting characters including Bill Nye The Science Guy and Flula Borg (Pitch Perfect 2). Aaron's artistic alter ego, Captain Danger, has performed original comedic songs on US TV and collaborated with artists such as Olivia Olson (Love Actually) and bass genius Andre Berry.

Aaron's work with Rage spans across radio advertisements and TV titles, from providing epic guitars on DREDD to the Emmy-nominated soundtrack for the recent USA TV series Limitless; as well as composing and collaborating on numerous TV advertising campaigns. It's fair to say that he knows how to write damn catchy pop music.

Aaron has a truly eclectic music taste, drawing inspirations from the likes of Prince, The Beatles and Kraftwerk as well as composers including Jerry Goldsmith, Cliff Martinez and Jon Brion.

Above all, Aaron's main inspiration is his daughter, Lulu. Completely understandable especially when you see just how cute she is. But when we get right down to it, what drives Aaron is,

"Chasing after that feeling that somehow music can successfully communicate emotions and moods that words and even visuals don't always reach"

A very eloquent way to put it. You can see why we love working with this particular guitar guy.