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Natalie Cervelli - Sony/ATV


Can you tell us a bit about yourself?
Well for starters I hate talking about myself. Haha. I’m a California native fulfilling her lifelong dream of working in the film industry, by way of the music industry. 

How long have you been in your position? 
I’ve been at Sony/ATV for almost 6 years. Came here as a Director of Film and TV and am now Sr. Director of Film and TV, which just means I’m older. Haha!

What was your route into music publishing? Have you worked in any other industries beforehand?
Well originally I wanted to be a film director – I went to film school at San Diego State.  When I moved to LA I had lots of odd jobs in the film industry – publicity, locations, market research – all of which I hated. I was randomly introduced to Alex Patsavas, who hired me to work a few days a week and instantly fell in love with Music Supervision. It was the first job I ever had that didn’t feel like work - I got to make mixed CDs and was paid for it! I freelance Music Supervised, which I still do on occasion and then was hired to pitch music at EMI (label side) and then switched over to publishing a few years later before the EMI sale.

What’s a typical day for you?
Every day is different, which is one of the things I really love about this job. I usually do anywhere from 3-8 music pitches a day that come from clients hitting me up for ideas on their various projects. My main focus is film trailers, but I also work with several film and television supervisors as well, so every search is different. And then I usually see a show after work or have a dinner meeting.

Can you tell us some bands you’ve managed to secure syncs for?
I’ve been fortunate to work with a massive catalog but it’s always the indie artist placements that I get excited about. I just placed Disa, an Icelandic artist of ours, in a Tim Burton trailer that turned out really great. I’ve also had a hand in some big placements for Lord Huron, Charli XCX, Of Monsters & Men, Hozier, Lykke Li, and Angus & Julia Stone, to name a few favourites.


Do you have a favourite TV show that featured music synched by you?
Mad Men was one of my all-time favourite shows and I did manage to place a few songs.  It was always fun sending ideas for that show.  

Who’s your one-to-watch on the LA scene right now?
I think Empress Of could break soon. Her collaboration with Darkstar is just so good and I’m told her next album is really great.

Who or what inspires you?
Passionate, creative people. I love people that go beyond what is expected and those who challenge the status quo. I’m a bit of a rebel.

Where do you go to chill out after work?
Anywhere that serves good wine.  

Empress of
Before you go...

Dog or cat? 
Dogs – allergic to cats, though I love them too.

Red or white?

Skis or sandals?

Gigs or festivals?
Gigs – unless it’s SXSW, which is just a bunch of gigs

What was the best concert you’ve ever been to?
Radiohead in Milan on the In Rainbows tour. Unreal

What is the most played track on your ipod/iphone?
Right now – Whitney – No Woman. I’m obsessed.

If you could bring back one musician from the dead, who would it be?  
Buddy Holly. His music was the first I remember hearing. He had such a tragically short career.