Listening To

Stephen Rennicks - Room

Unexpected, brilliant and incredibly moving

Second time watching this and the music still surprises us. Knowing the nature of the film, we expected spacious, moody and electronic. What we were met with was a rousing, orchestral and beautiful score.

The thing that kept us watching (apart from Brie Larson, omg amazing!) was Jack, the young boy at the centre of the story. His naivety silenced the grim themes and illuminated his innocence while the music offered a perfect reflection of his character.

Go listen; go watch.


1. Opening
2. Big Rock Candy Mountain (Brie Larson)
3. Wardrobe
4. Out of Wardrobe
5. Mouse
6. Eggshells
7. I'm Scared
8. Gone Day
9. Roll UpThe Mighty Rio Grande (This Will Destroy You)

...listen to the rest of the tracks on the link above!