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Studio Sessions

The Vegan Leather - Soundtracks and Cover


The Vegan Leather carry a raw energy and enthusiasm into every performance and recording. This year, the band are planning a series of collaborations, both in the studio and on stage, with new material due to be released later this year.

It isn’t hard to see why people are clamouring to work with them; each song harnesses the ingredients of a great pop track while also showcasing their unique, fun-loving songwriting style.

The band talk to us about some of their favourite film scores and compositions and provide another energetic performance, this time of The Knife.

We always hope that presenting an act with an opportunity to play a cover is as interesting to them as it is to us. For The Vegan Leather, it certainly seemed so! Given their diverse sound, we couldn’t wait to see what they picked.

Grimes might not have been an obvious choice from the outside looking in, but Gianluca lets us in on the secret of why Oblivion makes perfect sense.