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Studio Sessions

Vasa - Influences and Writing


As the evening drew in around Rage HQ four unassuming, polite men made their way through the front door laden with pedal boards, amplifiers and guitar cases. After a cup of coffee and a few laughs they made their way into our studio to begin to set up for the first of our brand new session shoots.

The chilled scene described above does not prepare you for the brash, raw, energetic sound of Vasa.

Already picking up comparisons to And So I Watch You From Afar and Explosions In The Sky, Vasa’s explosive and frantically inventive music cuts through the post-rock stereotype with an infectious Celtic-influenced energy. It's as present on their recordings as it is on stage.  

Even within the relative confines of our studio the guys exude the confidence and energy of big-venue performers. We couldn’t be happier to launch our blog with Vasa at the vanguard; here is their performance of Not a Cop to start things off.

2016 has already seen Vasa share stages with Russian Circles and Pelican as well having festival appearances scheduled with Brew at the BogDoune the Rabbit Hole and Heavy Metal Buffet. Their skyward trajectory doesn’t look set to waver. 

The second track recorded in our studio was the first single released from their acclaimed debut album Coloursthe high tempo math work out: Fat Ronaldo.